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Our goal is to bring you the very best... stainless steel drive bases, CNC
machined 6061, Flexloc nuts, Torx-Plus screws... we're on top of it!

T-5  Fully Automatic Morris Magneto for Twin Cam Harley-Davidsons
Utilizing the same proven Impulse Coupling system on our M5, G5 and H5 mags, we've mounted it on a precision billet camchest cover, with some added features -  a gear access cover (not a dummy) and an oiling system, all canted forward to clear most all air cleaners. Now you can eliminate a pile of wires and components if you'd like. Reliable performance with an awesome look!

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M-5  Fully Automatic Morris Magneto for '70 and later Big Twin Harley-Davidsons
Over a decade ago, we recognized the need for an ignition that would out-start any other ignition, kick or electric start, on any size motor from stock to totally radical. THE M-5 DOES JUST THAT! The secret is in the drive under the magneto. A spring winds up, then at the proper moment, the magneto whips through to provide a hot spark, no matter how slow the motor is turning.
Billet camcover and mag available in 'as machined' or polished finish.

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G-5  Fully Automatic Morris Magneto for '69 and earlier Big Twin Harley-Davidsons
Same features as our M5, and more... no interference problems with cylinders, frame, and relay boss. Also fits aftermarket Gen/Alt cases, in the conventional distributor hole. The startin'est thing around!

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H-5  Generator hole mounted magneto
Like the H-D factory XR race bikes. Primarily for alternator/generator motors, since the generator port is not used. Impulse Coupled for easy starting with kick or electric, and it looks alot better than that oil filter/fake generator!

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Simplistic Manual Retard, Auto Advance Units for '70 & Later Big Twins

Manual retard, auto advance. For '70 and later Big Twins.

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Dual or single plugs, dual fire, or 74ldms for single-fire mags.

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Accepts an upright-mounted injector pump as shown, or HIPA for horizontal mount.

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MM74E  For Big Twins '36 to '69
The simple "PAN" magneto is not so simple... built-in auto advance & manual retard to prevent kick-backs. Use with or without a battery. Easy installation (no chopping off fins or smashing in pushrod covers). No-leak drive housing.
Only from Morris Magneto!

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MM3  For '57-'70 XL; K, 45 & 80 Flatheads
Firm mounting- no more base leaks. Use with or without a battery. Auto advance. Manual retard for easier starting.
Easily installed 2-piece design. No extra mounting hardware to buy. Also available in kit form MM3K for converting stock mags (note: no provision for base-driven mech. tach).

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IND  For Indian Chief '36 up, Scout '37 up
Mount base fits over and clamps to pipe above oil pump. Manually retards, auto advance. Only the mag head moves on top; drive shaft is a floating link between the slotted drive and the magneto's hex drive, thus eliminating bearing wear and alignment problems.

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MSF  Single-Fire; Our Latest Creation
In-line polarizing solid state adapters to convert your magneto to single-fire, for single or DUAL-PLUG applications! Now you can run dual plugs from a single mag! (Dual plug operation requires the use of 2 MSF units.) Only the live cylinder fires. Works with all Harley magnetos.

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Morris Magneto carries a full line of ignition related accessories including:
  • Magneto Caps with Key Switch Installed
  • Adjustable Fuel Enricheners
  • Rare-Earth Magnet Rotors
  • Electronic Tachometer "Black Boxes"
  • Kill Switches
  • Air Cleaner Spacers
  • Solid Core Wire Sets

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We maintain a full-service department for all F-M type motorcycle magnetos. Service work is always done promptly. All magnetos are fully oscilloscope tested. Please call for an RGA number, we will call with a quote before we begin.


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